arabian cures for dry skin

Natural remedies were always used growing up in a full arab household. My mother often told us to drink rose water when we had a stomach ache, and sure enough after an hour or so our upset stomach would disappear.  These 3 natural cures in particular can be used for a wide range of dilemmas, but the one thing they have in common is their ability to aid dry skin.
Olive oil is constantly used in our house due to the great amount we use in our food.  But olive oil can help us in many ways- my best friend {Shereen's} dad always masked her head with some as a child.  He said that if he did, his daughter would grow up with a head of thick and healthy hair (hints Organix line of shampoos with olive oil).  Now she's almost 24 years old, and til this day her hair is as beautiful and thick as ever.  What about for skin? Well, olive oil is the perfect way to fix cracks on hands and elbows.  It's a natural make up remover, plus- it helps with dry cuticles.
Yogurt is another consistent item in our kitchen.  In our culture, it accompanies a numerous amount of food including dishes with meats, rice, and salads.  But again, yogurt has another purpose.  My aunt {Aysha} uses it as a natural cure for sunburn.  Every summer we traveled to Egypt or the Dead sea, our sunburns would be unbearable from the strong sun.  The second we got home, you can bet my aunt has yogurt slapped on her skin and ours.  It is a natural cleanser and soaks up the heat of the sunburn, leaving our skin feeling comfortable and refreshed.
Just last weekend, my dad's other sister {Himmat} used honey to heal her paper cut wound.  She said the honey binds the skin back together and gets rid of cuts and minor injuries.  You know what else it helps? Chapped lips.  It's no coincidence that Burt's Bees has made a living off of selling an entire skin care collection around bees and honey.  With that said, honey is also an excellent way to soothe cracked heals and elbows.

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