special wedding arches

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If you are planning a truly amazing wedding, especially if it’s a Palm Beach wedding, and you want it to be an extremely impressive, then you can try some special wedding arches for your wedding party decoration. Here are some very interesting and unusual variants for you to consider:

If you have a wood themed wedding, you may make an arch that can be successfully achieved with using birch branches or vines attached along both sides of the arch. If you want to decorate the middle part, then it can be interlaced with garlands of ferns and red apples. You can freely use all natural decorations.

For a beach theme, which must be really close to you if you are planning a beach wedding, then freely drape the wedding arch with gauzy materials, for an airy effect so it could be moved with the wind. Sea pieces like seashells, starfish, sand can be also added to recreate the effect of the beach. If you want your arch to be in a Hawaiian style, you may add some palm tree fronds and tulle with tropical flowers like lilies as a perfect arrangement. Surely, you can also decorate the arch white helium balloons used with tulle. The effect will be absolutely stunning and impossibly great.

For a retro theme, you need to find out special information about this or that period and use elements that were popular at that time. You may also use fresh or silken greenery (like ivy, vineyards) with light material like tulle or organza, so your bridal arch will acquire a very classical look. Floral arrangement on the top and middle (on both sides) or a single, high arrangement at the bottom of arch will complete the entire look. 

Besides, you may also make a wedding arch in Victorian age. There would be nothing more romantic like taking your wedding vows under a Victorian bridal arch. Since Victorian age in England is supposed to be the most romantic, a vow under it must become a really sincere and lovely vow. In order to get the proper effect of that age, use a wrought-iron garden arch and fresh English red roses. To make the arch even more fancy, add toile, pearl strands and rose buds.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways of decorating arches for a wedding, if you wish to use your creative skills. Just be resourceful and innovative, and don't forget to make your wedding decorations personal and up to your own and your partner.

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