from stretch-marks to scars

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Whether it’s stretch-marks, scars orage spots, our skin is naturally prone to blemishes. Such blemishescan be unsightly and for many people, they can lead to feelings ofself-consciousness.
The good news is that while skinblemishes are unlikely to disappear overnight, their appearance canbe significantly reduced. Contrary to popular belief, blemishes suchas stretch-marks and scars do not require expensive ‘miracle’cures. A regular skincare routine using inexpensive products such asthose in the Johnson’s skincare range can work wonders.

Use a cream cleanser
Using a cream cleanser as opposed to afoam or gel one softens the skin considerably, making it easier forthe dead skin cells that make up the blemish to be removed.


 Lemon, honey and brown sugar scrub
Stretch-markscan be lessened by making a homemadescrub that contains equal parts of honey, lemon and brown sugar. Theacidic properties naturally found in lemon help remove dead skincells that are found on blemishes such as stretch-marks and scars.Honey is bursting with anti-bacterial and natural healing propertieswhich will not only help make the skin look and feel smoother butwill also help prevent any future infections from occurring. Thebrown sugar in the mixture helps exfoliate the skin and stimulate thegrowth of new skin cells.

Don’t underestimate the power of agood moisturizer in helping to reduce the appearance of stretch-marksand other skin blemishes. Moisturizers, such as Johnson’s 24 HourBody Moisturizer, give the skin cells a healthier environment withinwhich to renew themselves.
Applying a thin layer of moisturiser onthe stretch-mark, scar or blemish will also help prevent the oilglands in the skin from over-producing. This inevitably clogs uppores and makes the skin blemish more obvious and defined, so takingsteps to target the source of this problem is an easy way to achievepositive results.

Increase your vitamin C intake
If you’re intent on reducing theappearance of stretch-marks or scars, your beauty regime should notjust be confined to external techniques. Modifying your diet so thatit’s rich in vitamin C or taking a 500mg supplement each day hasbeen known to help reduce the appearance of stretch-marks and otherunwanted skin blemishes.  

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