creative organization

when i was in high school, i was never an organized person. i used one binder to keep all of my notes in, papers would be all over the places, and i had a drawer that stored all of my pens and markers.  as expected, i slowly changed as i got older- maturity kicked in and my disorganization transformed into an organized mess. there was still a part of me that was messy in college, but then i realized there was a way to get rid of that.. all i needed to do was come up with creative ways to keep my stuff in order.  
{my tray of perfumes sitting by my bathroom sink}
this is a great way of displaying perfumes.  it allows easy access for when you want to spray something on before going out, and it's really pretty to look at.  the ones above are just a few of my favorites- but everyone can set theirs out in a way to add a touch of fabulous to their bathroom.
{white lacquer tray from west elm}

{mason jars for pencils, markers, and highlighters}
the theme of my room is very vintage- the desk that these jars are sitting on is one i bought from an antique store.  mason jars don't only give off a southern vintage look, they are really affordable. they come in a big case so i use the extras for storing chocolate chips + other little things in the pantry.

{vintage cabinet for statement jewelry}
this is one of my favorites.  this  vintage cabinet is the perfect way to show case my favorite necklaces and bracelets.  i used to tuck mine away in drawers, but why not let them hang out for everyone to see? people don't realize that showcasing pretty jewelry can add a little glamour to a room (or bathroom!)