make a stranger smile

a week ago, i accepted the challenge of spreading kindness through good deeds and my first challenge was to make a stranger smile. it was a little tough trying to come up with ideas, but once i did, the reward was greater than what i would've imagined.
i actually bought these daisies for my home, because flowers always make my day.  so as i was putting them together in my vases, i realized that flowers could probably make anyone's day.  i tied together 4 daisies and placed them on a stranger's door step- i quickly ran away because the last thing i wanted was credit for my kind gesture.  i went back to my apartment and waited an hour- and as i was leaving to go to class, i stopped by and saw that the flowers had been picked up.  i knew that i had completed my first challenge.

my sister wanted to spread kindness as well.  she ordered a kid's meal from Chickfila and decided to give a child her book (so they could exchange it for an ice dream cone). as she approached the little girl, her eyes got really big and said "yes! thank you!" and ran to her mom to tell her what she received.

My old room mate sent me this story at her attempt to be kind to a stranger:
I was boarding the empty shuttle bus to the airport terminal as the driver, an older gentleman, said a warm smile hello. I noticed right away the thick accent and within seconds, he put the bus in park and turned around to talk to me. He asked me if he could practice a sentence in English with me. Exhausted from the drive to the airport, I mustered up the energy at 3:30am to correct his sentence: I like to eat at the house with my family. He smiled as I fixed his sentence structure and in a very humble manner bowed his head and said "thank you, no one has time ever for me to practice on them." I corrected that sentence for him too :) In that moment, I felt that I had helped him and given him hope that there are people in this country who will stop and help their fellow citizens from time to time.

 overall, we don't realize that

and although it is unlikely for it to start with us, 
it's nice to know that we are giving more than we are receiving.