Fire Street Food in Charleston, SC

Sometime last week, the room mate and I took a walk on King St in search of some delicious food. We knew the process was going to take a while (considering we can never make a decision about anything), but surprisingly, we came across this new restaurant and trusted our instincts to go in.  It had just opened a few days prior, but the menu looked plentiful and the prices looked reasonable.  I would have to say that Fire Street Food was such a breath of fresh air-- big windows allowing lots of light in and incredibly fast service (not to mention, the food was great and arrived at the perfect temperature). The splash of Vietnamese options are a must try, and the sandwiches looked just as good.  I barely finished my plate because of the portion size,  but the food was so delicious that I was actually looking forward to eating my leftovers the next day.

{red curry chicken bowl}

{pad thai}

I'm a tough food critic (I must get it from my father), so I will definitely be making another visit to Fire Street Food! Oh, and I have no problem bringing my dad along with me.