some inspiration

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with lots of family from out of town and tons, I mean TONS, of food.  Today is the start to a new week.. and I have so much going on.  I'm heading to Charlotte today to pick up some stuff for my new apartment with my brother, Tuesday I'm heading to Charleston for a grad assistantship interview {wish me luck!}, and the rest of the week will be spent with friends who will attempt to help me pack for Friday.

I received a few emails over the weekend from readers who wanted to know who has inspired some of my posts.  From make-up, to fashion, to weddings.. so with that said, I would like to introduce all of you to the people who have inspired me to develop my love for each individual topic.
This lovely lady's name is Nina. Not only is she a very dear friend of mine, she also happens to be my cousin's wife {who has had a few years of experience working with MAC}.  She has been hired as a make-up artist for many weddings, and is always giving great advice on cosmetics that work well with skin types.  Her experience with a variety of different brands ultimately exemplifies her as the perfect person to refer to if I ever have any questions in regards to make-up.  See Nina's contributions to my posts here & here.

The next topic of inspiration comes directly from the two most important women in my family.
First there is my mother. No, she isn't automatically on my list because of that... it is her love for fashion and trends that has ultimately put her on my list of most fashionable people.  This love stemmed at a young age, and she has always been the first one at a party to be in style.  She is an expert on choosing outfits for each body type, and is the perfect person to go shopping with!

The next person is definitely a familiar face for those of you who keep up with my posts.  My sister, and best friend, whose blog can speak for itself on the numerous credentials she has accumulated over the years.  If you'd like to read more on her fashion expertise see here & to see her extravagant outfits see here.
Although I don't do many posts on weddings, I still have a huge love for them.  The most resourceful person I know on weddings is definitely my sorority sister, Emily.  I am sure everyone has seen me refer back to her on some of my marriage proposal videos, and her blog {Southern Bells Wedding} is the perfect place to get some inspiration if you're planning a wedding.  She also does event planning, so if you're interested in speaking to her about that please see here.

Anyways, I know this was a lot to take in on a Monday, but at least now all of you know the four people who have inspired me! If you'd like to get in contact with any of these lovely ladies, please email me at and I will pass along the email.  Hope everyone has a great Monday!