one good deed a day challenge

i've recently been on a kindness withdrawal ever since our month of peace ended. it's so hard to come to terms with the fact that ramadan is over, but what people don't understand is that kindness and generosity should be all year round. i've had my sights set on this journal for quite some time now- one that suggests simple ways to create kindness to yourself and to loved ones.  it even helps spread cheer to those we don't know, creatively helping the world 'pay the kindness forward'.  i am introducing this aspect today because i would love to take this challenge of doing one good deed a day, and want some of you to share it with me.  i would ultimately want people who will take this seriously, and share their stories of how they performed their deed.  a picture of how you helped would be great too, so i can showcase the pictures and story when each good deed is completed.  

if you're interested in spreading kindness and accepting this challenge, please email me at so i can send emails of what each day entails.  the more the better, so please share with your friends!