move in day

{yes, this is real. our moving truck.}
today is the day ladies and gents- i'm making the big move to Charleston!  not only will i be taking one step closer to achieving my dream, i will be crossing one thing off of my bucket list.  leaving Columbia is such a strange feeling- i've lived here my entire life... from the second i was born all the way to the moment i was accepted into graduate school.  Columbia is my home.  although it is such a bittersweet ending, it is the closing to one chapter of my life & the opening of another.  thankfully, the goodbyes still have yet to come- i will only be there for the weekend to put together some necessities.  i'll be returning back to Columbia after then until school starts, but for now, i'd like to send off a temporary goodbye to my hometown.  Columbia, you may be a not-so-great city, but you have been so good to me.
{jenna, i know you're going to kill me.. but i had to do it}
my new room mate is a very old friend.

bye bye columbia, helloooo charleston!

ps; yes that is my real hair