Hello from Charleston!

today was my first (official) day in charleston! monday has been so good to me.. it brought not only the first class of graduate school, but also my first day at my new assistantship! i couldn't be more happy with who i work with, & what my classes are like.  i'm already falling in love with my school (USC still reigns #1 in my heart though!) unfortunately, the only problem i'm having is unpacking, organizing, & settling into my apartment- that is definitely a correlation to the time crunch that i'm having!  i plan on accomodating some company over the weekend so i'm hoping that i find some time on wednesday evening to get everything together. here are some pictures of my first day!
{view from the beautiful bridge crossing over from james island to downtown}

{the citadel}

{the neatest part of my entire closet...}

ps; isn't it funny that i talk about how i don't have any time to organize, but i have all this time to write about it? ... oops