flower filled home

before my move to Charleston, i found myself buying tons of vases for my 'new home'.  i scouted many antique stores & even received some of them as gifts.  i've been here for almost 2 weeks now- & i FINALLY found some time to fill my vases with some beautiful flowers. they bring so much brightness & have actually helped us settle in.  my mother always has flowers in our kitchen- every time we run to the store she always calls and says "bring some bright flowers!" not to mention our back yard is filled with them.  so here was my attempt at making my new place feel like a home.
favorite vase filled with my favorite flower. 
there's not much to say about this gem-- except that they have them 
in other colors: blue, grey, green, yellow

colored glass bottles are great for long stemmed single flowers. 
i think a daisy is the perfect flower for these vases, because they are simple
and draw lots of attention to the bright colors.

5 random glass vases that i found in a garden city antique shop.
{only $2 each!}
i love the way these line our window- the shape of each
vase really complements the different lengths of the flower stems.
the great thing about these is that they are extremely versatile so 
you can play them up however you like!

we are slowly seeing this place transform into a 'home away from home', now if only i can get my frames on the wall... and my clothes in my closet. yes, i know it's been 2 weeks. 

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