Yesterday, on July 18th 2012, I turned 23.  My day was filled with close family, great friends, and amazing presents {thank you all so much, again} and it was the perfect way to not only celebrate my birthday, but a new change in my life as well.  These past few months, I have been extremely excited to start my new life in Charleston this August, but yesterday it all of a sudden dawned on me.  I realized that I can no longer say 'when I grow up' anymore.  Today, I am a grown up.  The emotions I felt were like a roller coaster: I was so happy to be around everyone I loved, but a part of me was sad because I thought 'maybe this is the last time we will all be together like this, ever again'. It made me realize that moments fade to memories right in front of our eyes, and we never acknowledge the moment until we don't have it anymore.  It's happened to me many times- like when my summers in Jordan started disappearing or when I moved back home after graduation.. all of those memories hit me after they had disappeared, but yesterday it shocked me as I was sitting at the table looking at all my friends.  I'm moving to Charleston in August and pretty soon- we will all take our separate paths & become those grown ups we always talk about.  It has always been so hard for me to deal with change, but after yesterday, I have accepted it.
I would like to thank my mother, grandmother, & entire family for always being there for me, my sister for doing as much as she could to show me that she was with me in spirit, & for my dear friends for making me feel like the person I am slowly changing into is for the better.  I love all of you so much, & I am so lucky to have all of you in my life.