One Year Old Grad

Today is a very special day.  One of my closest friends is graduating from USC!  She was my very first room mate and has impacted my life in a numerous amount of ways that I could never be able to describe on paper.  I can't help but realize that it has been an entire year since I have graduated, and now I can't believe that I am a one year old grad.  Looking back, I had no idea what my future was holding post graduation.  I had many life changing experiences; I traveled to Spain & Jordan, became an intern at Children's Miracle Network, went to Dallas, cut my hair, spent time in Daytona, & crowned the best burger in town.  I took the GRE, and now I am happy to announce that one year after graduation, I will be attending the Citadel in Charleston come fall for graduate school.
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For all of those who are graduating this year; congratulations!
always keep in mind:

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future
concentrate the mind on the present moment.