The PAALS Gala Event

Is anyone familiar with PAALS? They are an organization that stands for the Palmetto Animal Assistant Life Services, meaning that they train their animals to help people.  Some of their dogs are trained to turn lights on and off,  and some of them can even pick dropped items up off of the floor.  Last night, they had an auction with all proceeds benefitting their charity & it was a 70's theme!  Tons of people showed up to a beautiful warehouse downtown decorated with balloons, bean bags, and disco balls.  It was catered perfectly, and they even had a table filled with snacks from the 70's!
IMG_2537 DSC_0066 DSC_0070DSC_0073DSC_0074DSC_0079 DSC_0093
{Old school twister}
{Me & my sister}
DSC_0095 IMG_2553
They also had a shutter booth with different props to take pictures with {all 70's themed of course}. Here are ours from the night!

Please take the time to visit the PAALS website & see how you can help out such a great cause- even if you're unable to donate any money.. just informing people about this charitable organization is enough!

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