Emily's Happiness

Hello everyone! It's midweek, so it's looking like the perfect time for a happiness post! One of my closest friends, Emily (author of Southern Bells), did a post on 10 things that bring her happiness- so now I'm sharing 5 of them with you!
 Picnics! I've only been on one in my life 
but I imagine it would be reminiscent of the good ol' days

Schnauzers! I fell in love 14 years ago to a black schnauzer named
Barkleigh. How can you resist these bearded pups? 

Hunter Wellies. The only thing that makes me excited about rain is the 
promise of wearing these waterproof wonders!

Merridee's Chicken Salad Sandwich. Oh baby. This Franklin, TN 
bakery featured in Southern Living's: The South's Best Bakeries 
serves up the best chicken salad on egg bread in the south! nom. nom.

Surprises! Simply put...I love them. 

Emily's an expert on weddings & wedding planning, 
so be sure to check out her blog! 

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