Best Burger Joint in Town | Columbia, SC

In our little town, there are two places that are well known for their burgers.  One is a gamecock fan's favorite, the other is only 4 months old.  The latter, Burger Tavern 77, opened only a few months ago & their burger challenged that of our town's favorite, Pawley's Front Porch.  So with that said, I decided to go to both places and see what all the commotion was about.. Luckily, after trying two very good burgers, I was able to crown my favorite burger in town!
Burger Tavern 77

Pawley's Front Porch
DSC_0069 pawley
So Tavern vs. Porch.. 
The winner has to be Pawley's!  Their fried green tomatoes + their southern salsa brings out the tastes of the south that no other place around here has acquired.  Make sure to make a pit stop at this awesome joint if you're around the area! Because when it comes to my burger cravings, you will no doubt be seeing me at the porch!

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