Fruit for Thought

After taking a major interest in make up, I've also become very interested in skin & beauty products.  This past week I've been introduced to so many cleansers, and have developed a strong love for serums as well.  Obviously, the best remedies for the skin include all natural ingredients, such as coconut (my favorite) or green tea, but did you know fruits feed your skin as well? We all know that they are good for us: like "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" or that oranges are one of the most important fruits due to the high vitamin C... but what about the other fruits? Yes, we know they're healthy- but what about the specific details? After doing some researching {viavia}, I put together a little chart to show how each of these individual fruits aided our skin.

PS; I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow to have a relaxing week with my favorites, so I won't be updating my blog until I get back! I hope everyone has a great weekend & rest of the week! xoxo