Boost your Metabolism

You know that one person that eats {fattening foods} all day long and never gains any weight? I hate those kinds of people! {Just kidding!} but it is safe to say that they those people have a very high metabolism!  Most people blame metabolism on genes, but doctors say that other things alter the speed of it as well.  The obvious activity would be to exercise, but sometimes it's hard to exercise all the time when you have school, work, and maybe even children. Plus, if eating is our problem: knowing what to eat would be a better solution! After doing some research {via} I put together a collage of foods that help give your metabolism that extra boost that it may need!

Hot Peppers
All kinds of spicy peppers help your body with circulation.  They also help with reducing cravings as well! Don't think it's a coincidence that after eating a hot pepper it starts to get a little hot in the room... your body is just reacting to this hot metabolism booster!
Oatmeal & Brown Rice
These whole grains help keep insulin at steady levels, and because they are filled with high soluble fibers- they are much easier to digest in water!
So we know this isn't one of the kid's favorite- but broccoli has multiple of vitamins in it, and is even use as a way to cleanse your system.
Green Tea
Did you ever wonder why most Asians from China are thin? It's probably because they drink so much green tea.  This herbal drink does wonders; from giving your body antioxidants to significantly boosting metabolism!
People who eat soups end up eating less solid foods with their meals. They also help with reducing your appetite which will ultimately speed up your metabolism!
Apples & Pears
Out of most fruits that have been researched, studies show that apples and pears are the biggest contributors to weight loss.  So when it's time to pick a late night fruit snack- make sure you go with one of these.. and make sure they're organic too.
Spinach is extremely high in calcium, and as a matter of fact- all foods high in calcium aid in increasing metabolism.  It has been proven that people who eat calcium end up losing double the weight than a person who doesn't!
Since my whole family is big on spices, I always get the recommended amount in my food.   All spices help in boosting metabolism, and they also help make foods extremely yummy- so there is no excuse as to why you shouldn't use them! {best spices for metabolism: black pepper, mustard seeds, powdered onion, and ginger}
Nuts & Seeds
Foods high in Omega-3's also help with metabolism {so that means fish is great for you too!} They contain fatty acids that your body needs!
Citrus Fruits
High Vitamin C = Increase in metabolism.. These vitamins help in reducing insulin- just like oatmeal & brown rice! This option is a no brainer- because it's great for the skin too! {here}