Benefit from Benefit

I spent some time in Ulta today, and fell in love with benefit (all over again).  The seasonal colors just reminded me of summer and how the perfect tangerine lipstick is a must find for me! The 1950's labels immediately caught my eye- from the cute cigarette cases filled with eye shadows to the "bewitched" like characters and fonts.  If those don't already catch your attention when you first set your eyes on the department- you should definitely at least check out these lovely benefit finds!

Favorite mascara of all time- the thick brush allows the mascara to extend your lashes for that voluminous look.  It's a great nighttime look! {buy here}

I spent about 30 minutes getting all googly-eyed over this lip + cheek stain! It's mango tinted {love} and reminds me of a quixotic tropical vacation! I personally like it better on the lips, but either way it's a 2-for-1 deal! {buy here}

I used my left eye for the Watt's Up highlighter, and my right for Girl Meets Pearl {here}.. but I'd have to say that the champagne colored soft focus that the Watt's Up highlighter gave me was the winner.  It does an excellent job of brightening the eyes and cheeks, adding a luminous glow to your face! {buy here}

Since I'm still on the search for my ultimate tangerine lipstick- please let me know if you come across a good one! The color I'm looking for is a matted version of Mac's Meltdown {see here} and is much more bright on the lip than it is in the picture!