Very Berry Tart

About a week ago, my friend Ghadir introduced me to Jenny Steffan's awesome food blog.  I was so intrigued by her numerous creations, and her step by step photos were perfect. Since my dad and sister are huge fans of berries, I really wanted to tackle her triple berry tart {recipe here}.  The combination of brown sugar inside of the crust gives the tart the perfect bite of sweetness and crunch.
DSC_0089 DSC_0097
I came across two minor problems.  1. It's February in Carolina, and berries are out of season. and 2. I love my tarts to have some creaminess in the middle- where Jenny's was just crust and berries.  I had to figure out solutions for the tartness in the fruit, and the creaminess for the filling.  So, I added two ingredients that I think complemented the tart extremely well.
{strawberry marmalade or jam on top of the crust}

{vanilla pudding as the filling}

Baking the tart in the oven helped make the crust taste like a delicious shortbread cookie.  The creaminess from the vanilla pudding added the perfect texture to the berries, balancing out their tartness.  It's the perfect recipe to make when guests are coming over because the presentation is so beautiful, and the taste is nothing short of expected.