If someone asked you "what makes you happy?" would you have an answer? I decided to spend some time asking people that very question.  Most of the answers I received were one-worded.
Food. Money. Places. Fashion. Theater.. 
but if you were actually specific with something that made you happy, what would it be?  There are obviously many answers to the question because it would be impossible to find happiness in a single object, but off of the top of your head what makes you smile? For me...

happy1 happy2
I love little kids who are dressed like adults.
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Perfect cream cheese icing on a delicious red velvet cupcake

Elderly couples who love to flirt.

Old vintage cameras that have been passed down generations.

Tons of balloons in a small area.

Just to name a few.. please tell me things that make you happy! 
If you'd like to send me photos as well-- thepinksmashbox@live.com