Five Things

A bumble bee that visited our lilac hydrangas in the summertime.

An exquisite assortment of cheese at the Gourmet Shop {here}.
Cheese is one of my favorite food groups, so a variety always excites me.

A nostalgic pair of jeans that my friends in Jordan signed in 2005.  
We don't get to see each other often anymore, but these jeans always show me
a glimpse of my past that I never want to forget.

Awesome signs only found at the market in Charleston, SC.
Growing up, each one of my friends had at LEAST one sign at their house.

My lovely sister's side purse that she bought from Urban Outfitters.
Her taste is unbelievably unique, and she is such a driven fashionista!
She's also entered in a big contest for Vince Camuto so please visit her
blog {here} on details on how to help her win!