Five Things

Today was a normal Sunday,
and nothing much happened around my house-
I decided to do a 'five things' post with a few of my
new favorite things that I just happened to find around my room.
Betsey Johnson Leopard Make-up with the ultimate
MAC brush peeping out.

How gorgeous is this bottle? BCBG is definitely my favorite
brand & style of clothing (especially casual)
and this perfume scent is nothing short of classy and fabulous!
(The bottle speaks for itself)

These are definitely the best pens ever! Papermate with a felt tip!

Wonderful recipe book where I've started to jot down
all of my favorite recipes!

One of my biggest problems has always been not being
motivated enough to sit at a desk to do my work.
I finally decided that problem would end today-
I found this lamp that I bought in Charleston a few years back
& it's made for melting scented oil.
It's the perfect color to match my teal and gold room
& now it has a perfect place on my new desk!