I wish I may..

So, I have promised so many people that I would put a wish list on here- so they can stop asking me what I want and can look on here instead :) All of the links are places where you can actually buy the item! HERE WE GO!

Coach Poppy Sequin Disco Bag Gold $145.00
I've loved this purse from the moment I laid my eyes on it.

Jessica Simpson Astor - Irridescent Gold Dylan Metallic $79.00
Love this shoe, especially the color. If you look closely, it sparkles a little :)
{Size 8.5 BY THE WAY!}

From only the BEST macaroon place in the world!! Laduree in PARIS!

Playstation 3 $299.99 (probably cheaper somewhere else) & Little Big Planet $29.99
I know this is really random, but the reason why I have a Playstation 3 on here.. is because I want this game SO bad! Little Big Planet is a game designed for me! I know I don't have much time to play it- but it's better than awaiting anxiously for the day I will be able to!

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer - Chocolate color $299.99
Nobody should be surprised.
Although, it is more like a house warming present..
This is a replica of a CHANEL umbrella!
I'm not quite sure how much it is, but I know the real one is $999.99.. eeekkk!

Nikon Coolpix S4000 $199.99
I don't know how I've been surviving without a digital camera. My iPhone camera has helped me so much, but it's nothing like the real thing! Love the touchscreen on this one!

Women's Silverfox Triclimate Bomber $229.00
I've been needing a Northface for a while now. I like all the other colors better, but this style is the jacket I want and they happen to come in only these colors. If anyone can find a better color at Dick's Sporting Goods, let me know!
Hanging 37- Pocket Jewelry Organizer $14.99
The cute one I used to have is broken, and plus everything fell out of it so I definitely need this one with the zippers!

I Go Bananas Over You - All Jarred Up Pie $6.00
This is a place where all the pies are in jars! It's in California, but they ship! This one is bananas with chocolate.. mmm my favorite combination! They have other kinds too, check it out!

iPhone 4G Chanel Case $89.95
I know, I know, it seems like a lot on a case (which it probably is) but you have to admit it's so pretty! It has Swarvoski crystals on it too! A free mirror screen protector is included too ;)

Black Script Vneck from Carnation Collection $22.00
I have a feeling that my sister wants this too, but if not I think this is such a cute shirt! It is American Apparel material :)

This is only the beginning :) I'll be adding more later!