Winter Break in Amman!

So my very first post from coming back is a little heads up
that my sister and I are spending our winter break
in Amman, Jordan! My most favoritest place in the world!
It wasn't so easy getting here though.. we traveled
from South Carolina to Atlanta to New York (where we got delayed
and stayed the night) to Rome for 6 hours to here!
I took a little photo diary so I will never forget this trip!

When we found out that we were staying in NYC!
AND it was snowing!

Food from Applebee's.. I know, gourmet NYC food.. haha!

Decorative sweaters from H&M..
and yes, we bought them!

Cafeteria food in Italia=pasta and pizza?
I'll take it!.. and two more please :) Grazia!

FINALLY to Jordan! More pictures soon!! :)

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