Bunzy Buns

My cousin Deena has been begging me to come check out this place in Jordan called Bunzy Buns. It is a nice bakery and coffee shop right next to some of our favorite places (Bianca, Macaroni's, the Hills); today was the first day we decided to actually go in.
The really neat thing about Bunzy Buns is that not only do they have a very wide variety of coffees and hot chocolates, they also have really cool board games that you can play with your friends!! Today we decided to play Pictionary! - I think the last time I played that was when I was in middle school! They had the best hot milk chocolate and hot white chocolate ever! Not to mention their menu also includes hot banana milk and hot cinnamon milk! :)
Also, my sister should be awarded for her drawing skills.. That's the city of New York... but give her credit, she had to do it with her eyes closed!

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