Alisa's Painted Bistro

Whenever I was in Fort Lauderdale, we visited Aventura mall where we watched Watchmen in the IMAX theatre. Before we went in, we walked into Alisa's Painted Bistro.
and suddenly I fell in love.
The window displayed a numerous amount of cupcakes, that looked like they were cut out of a strawberry shortcake story book. They literally looked fake! So of course, I forced them to go inside.. and we all ordered a cupcake. They had red velvet, carrot cake, banana nut, vanilla and tons more... So not only did they look amazing, they TASTED AMAZING! As we sat down to eat our delicious desserts I looked to my left and saw a huge place with ceramic pots. It was just like two peas in a pot, you pick a plate, buy a cupcake, sit down, paint & eat. And if anyone knows me, I love painting and eating so it was like my heaven :)